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Mummy’s make-up

mummy make-overI’m not one for wearing full on make-up everyday. A little mascara and lippy doesmummy make-over me (although I think on occasions it might help if I did wear more make-up so I didn’t look so tired and bedraggled!)

My make-up bag is a mash-up of things I’ve collected and I’m a bit rubbish at replacing it because it’s so expensive! So, with expense in mind, I have no idea why I agreed to let my two toddlers loose on my make-up box and give me a make-over as part of a blogger meme set by the lovely Jayne from Mums the word.

My littlies aged almost 2 and 3 years didn’t quite believe their luck when I offeredmummy make-over them the opened box of face painting treasures. I cringed a little as they dug the brushes into the pallets and shadows and creams, but the giggles and delight made me forget in an instant how much I’d paid for them.

After taking great delight in painting me, they painted each other, although as you can see from the picture of Betsy (right) she was applying it to herself and me all the way through!

The kitchen was a mess (I’d saved the light carpets upstairs and decided to do this challenge in the kitchen!) The make-up was a little messy and my face… Well, you can see for yourself in the photo below!

mummy make-over

Dare you take up the challenge?

The rules are:

  • You must offer them everything you have in your bag (except scissors or eyelash curlers, obviously!)

  • You must not influence colours or products being used

  • You must not help with technique

  • The photo you take after must be unedited and you cannot do any blending or adding before snapping

You can read more here about the challenge here. 

I’m tagging Helen from The Crazy kitchen, Helen from Petit Mom, and Dawn from Knees up Mother Brown! Dare they take up this bonkers task?



mummy make-over

mummy make-over





  • Kate Beddow

    I think this should become part of your morning routine hon, you look great! 🙂

  • Jayne

    YAY! Thanks for joining in! I think you look lovely, they’ve done a fab job, even on your hair! As a side note – I flippin’ LOVE that Dandelion stuff from Benefit! I found a cheaper one that’s almost identical in Superdrug once, just in case my little challenge has left it ruined! :-/


    thanks for the tag…although I have to embarrassingly admit that I don’t have a make-up bag – if I really hunted I may be able to find an old lippy, a well out of date eyeliner and a manky mascara that I’m not sure I want anywhere near my face! Well done to your two though! x

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