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Parenting expert Fi Star-Stone


Childcare is Fun! Or is it?

As a mum of two little ones myself - I know that parenting isn't always easy. I mainly survive on coffee, cake, cuddles, and my famous 'banana boosters' for the days that follow awful nights.

My professional childcare career has helped me to be the best parent I can be but I'm always learning!

I love to share the techniques I have devised based on my qualifications and experiences as both a mum and professional. Many say I'm not what they expect an 'expert' to be which is actually a really nice thing to hear!

I'm non-judgmental, open minded and believe every child and every family is different. What works for one family - might not for another. I developed 'Childcare is Fun!' to help others make parenting less stressy and much more fun!

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