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Toddle Born Wild launches Dribble-Proof Lip Balm and the first ever ‘Happy Gut’ Hand Gel for little ones!

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The adventure continues for all-natural skincare brand and the intrepid Mum who took on her son’s red-raw chapped cheeks at her kitchen table – and won!

All-natural skincare specialist Toddle Born Wild has launched two new products created to prevent little lips and hands from getting sore against the elements throughout 2020 and beyond.

The adventure continues for the nation’s newest line in eco-friendly, vegan and gut-friendly childcare products and its intrepid creator, Hannah Saunders.


Toddle Dribble-Proof Lip Balm© and Happy Gut Hand Gel© hit the shelves as a follow on from Toddle Sun & Wind Balm©, which successfully launched to market earlier this year after Hannah took on her son’s red raw chapped cheeks with a home-made recipe in 2017 – and won.


Since then, Toddle Born Wild as a business has grown from strength to strength after £200k worth of investment helped get Toddle products out of Hannah’s kitchen and into the UK retail market.


Now the Toddle Born Wild family is set to expand even further as its new lip balm and hand gel – which is also the first ever ‘happy gut’ probiotic hand gel – come to market too.

Hannah said: “Winter can be a tricky time for young families, and I know all too well how harsh the outside elements can be on young skin, which is why I created the Toddle Born Wild range in the first place.


“I didn’t see why having a child should curb our enthusiasm as parents for living life outdoors and generally exploring the world, but every time we went out climbing, walking or sailing, my first son Etienne would come back with red raw cheeks and drying lips.”


“None of the existing products I could find were natural, practical – or indeed effective – however,” Hannah continued.


“Now, after two years of hard work we are finally in a position to share all of the solutions we have found to these problems – for cheeks, hands and lips – with parents UK wide and just in time for all those Winter walks, skiing holidays and other seasonal adventures too.”


Toddle Dribble-Proof Lip Balm© is packed with healthy-natural ingredients, specially designed for babies and toddlers who drool. It has natural moisture boosters, including olive oil, jojoba and shea butter to protect and sooth sensitive smiles and there isn’t a nasty chemical in sight.


Happy Gut Hand Gel© is the first ever ‘happy gut’ probiotic hand gel, meanwhile, and not only protects the skin but also helps other good bacteria found on skin and hands to boost our immune system and digestion. Most hand gels kill off all germs with alcohols and acids but this uses happy germs to help improve the skin’s natural barrier and promote good bacteria, which in some cases has also been used to help prevent colds, some cancers and even depression.


Former RAF officer, Hannah, has always relished the thrill of travelling and the freedom to explore the world, and created all three products to help other children enjoy the great outdoors without getting sore, chapped skin or drying lips either.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign raised £2,500 towards prototype development, Hannah went on to secure a £150,000 loan from the Development Bank of Wales and £50,000 worth of investment in the Pitch It Wales competition, as she and her family were based in Wrexham at the time, which enabled her to take the idea further.


All of the products Toddle Born Wild has created are manufactured in the UK, sustainable and cruelty-free, including all products sourced throughout the supply chain. The products also come with a unique Toddle toggle which allows you to attach the product to your buggy or baby bag so it’s always at hand.


Hannah said: “The unique ‘Toddle toggle’ was also key in the product development stages -you need these balms and gels immediately as a mum, and so I wanted the packaging to be hygienic, practical and quickly accessible too.


“For me, motherhood is all about sharing the load in any which way you can, and it’s really exciting to think that the lessons I’ve learned are continuing to be shared for the benefit of countless other mums across the country with these latest products from Toddle Born Wild too.”


Toddle Born Wild products are available now via Amazon Prime, National Trust, All by Mama, Little Trekkers, Solar Buddies and a range of other stockists, as well as the Toddle Born Wild website.


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