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Parking in a parent bay could soon result in a fine!

We’ve all been there. Driving around the supermarket carpark with little ones looking for a space, only to find the ‘parent and child’ spaces full. Then the most irritating thing happens – you see someone return to their car parked in said space and… NO CHILD! It’s been the car park rage inducer of parents for years, but it seems this soon could change!

Despite measures by various supermarkets and councils to crack down on the parent space thieves, using a parent-and-child parking space without a child in the car could soon result in being stung with a fine.

Oh yes you parent space rule breakers! Your cheeky child bay parking days are numbered!

A spokesman for the AA said: “Some supermarkets already fine drivers who abuse mother and baby parking spaces.

The problem is where enforcement isn’t done by a human but cameras. There needs to be the presence of a warden to act as a physical deterrent, with the discretion to give a warning.”

There have been calls for an on-the-spot fine of £25 – and a large number of motorists have backed it.

How soon this will happen nobody knows – but it’s something parents everywhere are pretty pleased with.

What are your thoughts? When should you stop using a child space? What age?

Have you ever used a parent and child space when you didn’t have a child with you?




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