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No child born to die!

As you all are probably aware, Save the Children is a charity close to my heart.

In August Childcare is Fun organised a big charity play date ‘Born to play’ as part of Save The Children’s ‘No child born to die’ campaign, and I’m proud to say we raised over £700!

That money is going towards helping so many, and we will continue to support save The Children in any way we can.

It came to my attention that the lovelies Michelle from Mummy From The Heart and Gemma from Hello, It’s Gemma have a blog-hop to help raise awareness of the need for healthcare workers.

Can you imagine not having access to a healthcare worker? 

Can you imagine your child becoming ill and knowing there was nothing you could do because there was no help available?

In the Uk we often complain about our health service. We moan about waiting lists and poor care, and yet we never stop to think how very lucky we are to have that service in place.

Health workers save lives!

Doctors, nurses and midwives are vital to help children survive. Without them, no vaccine can be administered, no life-saving drugs prescribed and no woman can be given expert care during childbirth.

But the massive shortfall of health workers in some of the poorest countries is hitting the most vulnerable children and families the hardest.

Half of the 8 million children who die each year are in Africa, yet Africa has only 3% of the world’s doctors, nurses and midwives.

No Child Born to Die!

Children are dying from causes we know how to prevent or treat.

That’s why lots more doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers are needed in the poorest countries. We can stop millions of children dying.

The Save The Children’s ‘No Child Born to Die’ campaign has helped secure a massive increase in funding for life-saving vaccines. Now we must take the next step to ensure children don’t die simply because they are too poor to see a doctor or nurse. Please show your support! Please sign here.


To encourage people to sign the e-petition, Michelle and Gemma have asked bloggers to:

 “Write your 100 words about a great health professional you have encountered in your life and then tag other bloggers to do the same!”

And so, here are my 100 words…

‘An amazing, wonderful medical team helped remove the growth from my left breast and care for me in London, in December 2005 – Two weeks before my wedding. Another amazing team checked and confirmed it wasn’t Cancer.

In October 2011, in Stafford, I’m going through it all again- this time to remove a growth in my uterus. I’m lucky to have had the care I had. I’m lucky to get that care and another amazing team again.’

I tag the following bloggers…

Shelly from http://www.shellybobbins.blogspot.com/

Katie From http://www.navitascentre.co.uk/

Innocent charmer from http://innocentcharmschats.blogspot.com/

Tracy from http://www.paintedghost.co.uk/

Dawn from http://dawniebrown.wordpress.com/

Beth from http://www.jamandclottedcream.co.uk/


Please either write the 100 words and link up to the blog-hop below. If you do nothing else, please sign the petition!



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