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Mothers day – do we really want or need the stuff?

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The Mothers day marketing began just after the Valentines cards had been tidied away and the wilted roses were sold off at 50p instead of a fiver. 

The grand gift adverts from jewellery stores that ‘mama really would like a diamond on Mothers day this year,’ to the local pubs and restaurants selling their ‘Mothers Day meal’ deal (the same meal you have on a regular Sunday – just loads more expensive because, well, it’s Mothers day right?!

I sound like a right old grouch I know, but being a mum of two myself, I have to say it’s presence over presents for me every time! The time taken over a felt tipped, fingerprinted homemade card, or the freshly picked daisies from the garden, the breakfast in bed made lovingly by two young children (barely palatable but still.. the thought makes my heart go mushy.) The lie-in given and bore-chores taken over. The luxury of a candle lit bath and ‘mummy juice’ as my little loves call it (aka fizz or a nice pale ale to you and me!)

I’m not against gifts, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a well thought out gift, but the sentiment gets me far more than the price tag, and I do worry that harsh marketing is creating a generation of worried ‘I must buy the stuff to show love’ kids.

What are your thoughts? Is it presence over presents or am I away with the fairies on this one?




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