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How to make a daisy chain!

I spent my childhood summers making dens, playing outside and sitting making daisy chains and I know lot of my lovely readers did too.

Having said that, someone asked me the other day how to make a daisy chain, so I thought I’d pop a quick tutorial on here.

How to make a daisy chain:

1. Pick a daisy with a long stem and split the stem with your nail.


2. Pick another long stemmed daisy and thread it through the split stem.


3. Keep adding and adding until you have enough length to make your desired daisy wear!

Boo always likes a crown or necklace so the longer the better for us!


End by either tying together the ends gently or taking a little out of the centre of the last daisy until you see the stem hole and sticking the end of the last stem inside!



Simples! There you have your pretty daisy chain!



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