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The Gro-hush – The new calming device that encourages all-important cuddling!

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As a parent there is nothing I love more than holding and cuddling my children,it’s the best part of my day! From the day they were born I knew they needed reassurance from my touch, smell and hold. Cuddles are just so important for little ones!


The Gro-hush encourages all-important cuddling!

I believe that cuddling and holding is essential for bonding. Did you know that cudding nourishes your baby’s all round development too?

When you are holding your baby and look into their eyes, you are offering reassurance and a connection through gentle talking, smiling and touch. In-fact research has shown that cuddles and a loving touch stimulates the brain to release important hormones necessary for growth. With this all in mind, imagine my delight to find a totally new and unique product – The Gro-hush.


The Gro-hush is a portable white noise baby calmer that transmits soothing ‘white noise’ directly to your baby so that only they can hear it.


A calming Baby Bedtime

When it comes to putting a baby to bed or down to nap – I’m all for a no tears solution, andhow to calm your baby |Gro-hush | how to get a baby to sleep offer only calm and reassuring techniques to parents who come to me for advice.  I love how the Gro-hush encourages settling your baby in a gentle, bonding way. Cuddle-calming them and reassuring them with sounds proven to relax young babies.


Through my free parenting advice service and my Baby Bedtime book, I often recommend using white noise to calm and relax young babies together with other calming techniques.

The Gro-hush is ideal for using at home as part of your calming baby bedtime routine. A bath, followed by a feed and cuddle with the gro-hush is an ideal way to settle your little one into a gentle sleep routine each night, or at naptimes throughout the day. 


Reassurance on the go!

What’s fantastic about the Gro-hush, is it can be used anywhere. My first thought turned to travelling! On the plane it’s an ideal calming aid to have with you – great for settling an upset baby! In the doctors surgery or even out for coffee with friends – with the little pouch provided, you really can take it with you anywhere to offer that extra bit of calming care for your little one.


This totally new and unique product comforts, calms and offers parents that extra little help for unsettled babies.


How does it work?

It’s incredibly easy! Simply pop the batteries into the unit, cover up and slip your hand into the unit supported by the elasticated strap.

You can choose from a variety of sounds from the buttons on the gro-hush, (heart-beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof,) which are all set at a safe volume. Only your baby can hear the sounds which makes it the ideal travel calming device!

The unit switches off automatically after 10 minutes, so no worrying about battery power or fiddling with on and off switches.


Where can I buy the Gro-Hush?

The Gro-hush is priced at £34.99 and is available from the Gro-store and selected online retailers including Mothercare, Kiddicare, Toy R Us, John Lewis, Argos and Amazon.


Final thoughts?

As a mum and a leading UK parenting expert, I’m thrilled to see this product that encourages calming while cuddling – become available, I only wish I’d had it when my two children were young babies!

Both of my little ones suffered with terrible silent reflux, and using white noise, together with cuddles and baby massage, really helped them settle and calm. Having this in my hand to reassure them while holding them, would’ve made those early hours so much easier.



*Disclaimer: I was given a Gro-hush for review purposes – all thoughts, opinions and words are my own.




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