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Homemade personalised mugs

These homemade personalised mugs are so easy to create and cost next to nothing for lovely, cute gifts from the littlies this Christmas.


We bought a few four packs of supermarket ceramic mugs to bring the cost down – and now have a wonderful selection of personalised mugs for grandparents, friends and nursery teachers!


You’ll need:

Ceramic mugs

ceramic markers

Paper to cover the table


How to:


1. Draw your design and allow to dry. If you’ve more than one child – let each child do a design on the mug (My two did a portrsit of the person the mug was going to on each side.)


2. Date your mug underneath and add a message – or you can write a message on your mug.


3. Bake your mug for 2-4 hours on a low heat to seal the ink.


We love our homemade personalised mugs – they are so easy to make and are such cute gifts.



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