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Getting kids talking – my easy technique!

Have you ever been met out of school with a little one that just isn’t interested in telling you about their day?

One rubbish, three awesomes

Try my ‘one rubbish, three awesomes!’ Technique before bed! The reason behind using this technique at bedtime is because its when children really want to talk! You know the stalling tactics of delaying bedtime? Well this technique means you’re both getting what you want! They get that extra ten minutes staying up chatting to you, and you find out about the bad and good in their day!

Get kids talking | talking to teens| 1 rubbish, 3 awesomes

End on a positive! 

The important thing to remember is to start with the bad and end on a happy. That way they’ll fall asleep thinking about the positive moments in their day.

Get kids talking | talking to teens| 1 rubbish, 3 awesomes

Older children 

With older children who are reluctant to talk, (pre-teens or teenagers, invest in a ‘communication journal’ – a simple notepad or journal where you can both write your thoughts for each other to read. Let them know they can write anything they want, even if it’s bad, and they won’t get into trouble. It’s a great way of you telling each other anything you’re upset or worried about and keeping the lines of communication open. Some things are easier to write down that speak out loud.


It’s so important to talk to your children, no matter what their age. This simple technique is a great way of having that communication ongoing in the family.




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