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Ernie – The Volvo XC60 goes shopping…

volvo XC60 review

We’ve been lucky enough to review the rather fabulous Volvo XC60 for a few weeks and put it to the ultimate test – the Childcare is Fun family!


We’ve named our temporary family member Ernie (you can read more about that here.) Ernie is a rather lovely Volvo XC60 and has so many marvelous features that driving him is a dream!


We usually do our shopping online, but decided we’d put Ernie thorugh his paces by taking him to our local supermarket!


How would he fit in the parking spaces? How would he fit all the shopping in the boot? How eye-candilicious is he to drive when yummy mummy types are watching you arrive? Read on lovelies… Read on!


We arrived at a busy shopping time – lots of parents and their littlies doing the weekly shop meant parking was hard to find. I luckily managed to sort a parent space pretty close by and was quite relieved as Ernie is a giant in comparison to my normal wheels! With the parking cameras and sensors however, parking is a breeze!


An hour later, shopping done and two very tired and grumpy toddlers in tow, we unpacked the shopping. I say we, I mean me! They sat in the car and watched Cbeebies on the digital TV while I loaded Ernies massive boot with all the food goodies we’d bought.


My normal car boot struggles with a buggy, littlies and shopping and there often isn’t room so I leave the buggy at home. No need with Ernie the Volvo XC60 – there was plenty of room and I could’ve brought it with us after all! Two weeks worth of food and STILL room in the boot for more! I like this car. No, scrap that. I LOVE this car. (Santa? I’ve been so very good this year?)


What’s also awesome about the boot is that it’s automatic – pretty cool for little people like me who need to jump and pull hard on bigger cars to close them! Simply one push of the button and pow! Ernie closed his own boot! In the words of Betsy “This car is Magic!”


After loading the boot I was happy to find two happy, smiling toddlers engrosed in ‘I can cook’ on the TV screen instead of two littlies crying for home! Oh how I’m going to miss that car feature when we have to say goodbye to Ernie.

The Volvo XC60 is available for around £38,645.00 on the road or £46,740.00 with the added extras Ernie has. You can read the full spec here. or for more details go to http://www.volvocars.com/uk/





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