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Awesome behaviour jar!

I often talk about the benefits of reward charts and jars with parents who use the Parent Advice service each week. (You can read my other top reward chart ideas that I’ve used over the years here.)

I’ve had lots of parents emailing me saying how easy the charts I’ve shared with them are to make, and what a huge difference they’ve made to their children’s behaviour, so thought I’d share my favourite with you all and one I’ve introduced this week with my two littlies aged 3&4! Introducing the awesome behaviour jar!

To make an awesome behaviour jar you’ll need:

Jam jar or similar jar
Beads, Buttons or pebbles (I bought these cute star buttons off eBay for a few pounds!


How to:

1. Fill the jar with a few pebbles or buttons, (the ones already in the jar are there incase you need to remove some before you’ve added any!)

2. Explain to your child what the jar is all about. Talk about behaviour that’s great and what’s not so great!)

3. Everytime there is good behaviour pop a pebble in the jar. When there is 20 (or however many you decide) a treat is gained! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive – perhaps a teddy bears picnic tea in the living room, a magazine, a colouring book and crayons, a trip to the park etc whatever you think your child might want to work towards.

4. Everytime the behaviour is negative you remove a bean. You’ll find they learn and begin to like the idea very quickly. Behaviour is often improved considerably after only a few ‘pebble removals.’

5. Remind and reward all the time – if you can see something is about to happen, remind them about the jar. Often a reminder is enough to change behaviour!

6. Respond to good behaviour in an exagerrated way with very little ones – clap, cheer say how wonderful they are, for example; ‘How very lovely of you to share that toy!’

This awesome behaviour jar is so easy to make and really works! Why not have a try? I’d love to hear how you got on!




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