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Monster Repellent by Kate Beddow

Monsters are a big problem in our house with little Miss B. They often disrupt her sleep or prevent her settling at bedtime.

It’s a totally normal fear she’s going through, and as I’ve said in previous posts and pages about littlies nightmares, terrors and nasties in the night, we have to give them love, hugs, and entertain their fears rather than telling them they are ‘just being silly.’

We are getting quite good at monster fighting in our house – my husband gets really into it with his over-acting and Miss B finds it very funny!  We shout at them to go away and we check under the bed and in cupboards before bed, but now we have a wonderful invention from Kate Beddow!

Kate Beddow is a Mum, naturally gifted healer, Reiki Master, ex-teacher and ex-childminder with a passion for helping families to grow together with a calm, intuitive understanding of each others needs. She also feels that the magic of childhood is something to be treasured not rushed through in an eagerness to make our children small, independent adults.

Kate has developed some rather splendid ‘monster repellent’ using a combination of crystal essences and essential oils to cleanse any negative energy from the room and leave it with a fresh relaxed feeling.

By encouraging your older child to spray the room, or spraying for your younger children every evening – they/you are actively banishing any negativity whilst also psychologically beating any imaginations which may cause upset in the night.

Each 100ml spray contains a carefully selected blend of crystal essences, essential oils and an amethyst crystal to keep the energy sparkly. It smells devine and works a treat!

Miss B and I put it to the test…

For more information go to www.katebeddow.co.uk