We love trying out new, cool things at Childcare is fun, and so when we were asked if we’d like to review the EzyRoller we thought we’d put it to the ultimate test – Finlay!

Finlay is 6 and  is a rather keen scooterer (is that a word?!) He loves spending his spare time down the local skate park, so knows a thing or two about scooters, bikes and go-karts.

‘The EzyRoller is loads of fun and very different from a normal go-kart. Instead of peddling you push your legs forward, one at a time, which makes you zig zag along like a snake.

The wheels are really smooth and work best on really flat surfaces like concrete or tarmac. It doesn’t really work very well on bumpy surfaces like grass. The best thing about the EzyRoller is that it’s really easy to do a 180º spin – much easy than on a skateboard or bmx.

The thing I like least is that it’s really hard to get up hills but it’s great fun going down them. You can go really fast downhill and it’s easy to steer, which you do with your feet. It also has a handbrake which makes it easy to stop as well.

Some of the older boys at the skatepark said it looked ‘sic’ which means awesome. They tried it out but found it too hard because their legs were too long! They asked if they made bigger ones. I also went to school on the EzyRoller and all my friends followed my around the playground. I think they were just curious because they’d never seen anything like it before.

I really like the EzyRoller but I think I love my scooter more!’

Finlay aged 6.



The EzyRoller retails at £77.99 and is available from www.micro-scooters.co.uk