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Big book, little book, cardboard box!

They say to never judge a book by it’s cover but actually babies & toddlers select books to read by looking at the covers, rather than the spines, which makes a traditional child or baby bookcase (or a pile of books on the floor!) less than ideal!

If littlies can’t see the covers, they will either ignore the books, or will pull them all out to make their choice. This means a big mess for you or often damaged books!

With the bigboooklittlebookcardboardbox bookcase, babies & toddlers are able to flick through their books and independently choose the one they want to read. No fuss, no scrabling through piles of books – simple book fun!

It’s just a cardboard box right? 

Ah, no! This awesome book box might just look like a cardboard box but it does so much more! The box comfortably holds more than 30 forward-facing books and has been specifically designed to accommodate all formats of children’s books. It has an off-centre divider to separate big books and little books, so all books can be viewed.

The front of the bookcase is at a baby-friendly crawling height for babies, allowing even little book lovers to see easily inside and be more likely to choose a book over another activity.

What’s it made from?

bigboooklittlebookcardboardbox baby bookcase is made from incredibly sturdy, high-grade corrugated cardboard and all sides of the box are made from four layers of corrugate, meaning it can withstand the attentions of the most enthusiastic of toddlers! (Believe me- we put it to the test with a 1 /1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old!)

Made from a continuous sheet of corrugated cardboard, there is no chance of books falling though when the boookcase is moved to a new location.

It’s not very pretty is it?

O.K – So the bigboooklittlebookcardboardbox baby bookcase isn’t going to win any home-style glamour awards and if you are precious about fashionable furniture and how your home looks then this book case is probably best kept in your littlies bedroom!

Do we like it? 

We’d recommend the bigboooklittlebookcardboardbox baby bookcase for nurseries, childminders and little book lovers everywhere. It’s designed with littlies in mind- and in that case we think it rocks!

How much?

One bigboooklittlebookcardboardbox baby bookcase is £12, or you can save a few pounds and buy 2 for £22 here.