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Annabel’s Kitchen DVD

Following the success of annabel Karmel’s ‘Annabel’s Kitchen’ on CITV, the first series is now available to own on DVD. We were lucky enough to review a copy of Annabel’s Kitchen with little Miss B and Oscar who loved it!

What is Annabel’s Kitchen?

Annabel and her team take you and your children on a culinary journey of exploration and come up with winning solutions in a humourous and light-hearted way, proving that cooking really can be child’s play. Meet her quirky helpers and use her amazing machines all in the magical surroundings of her loft apartment.

Jimmy is Annabel’s often unpredictable intern from the South Pole, a calamity-prone, fish-mad penguin who’s made his home in her fridge.

Jimmy is incredibly enthusiastic about food, cookery and indeed, absolutely everything he does, as well as being a bit of a madcap inventor too.

Pearl is Annabel’s right hand penguin who organises the website and deals with everything from ordering ingredients to helping Annabel find the perfect recipe to suit every occassion. She’s confident, organised and reliable – the very opposite of Jimmy.

What we think…

Annabel’s kitchen is a great DVD for any age really. Oscar is only 1, but loved it and laughed away at Jimmy’s funny antics, as did Miss B who did’nt take her eyes of each episode we watched!

So enticing is the food Annabel cooks, that half way through, 2 year old Miss B insisted we ‘cook mamma!’ which we did (the rather yummy chicken sweet and sour dish is fab!)

In each DVD case there is a FREE Annabel Karmel recipe booklet which helps you follow the recipes in the show, so you don’t have to follow the DVD as you watch.

My two mini chef’s have already enjoyed Annabels recipies throughout weaning and now their toddler years, and now they get to see her in action in the kitchen, cooking healthy, fun recipes with (and for) kids!

You can buy Annabel’s Kitchen DVD for £7 here.