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A happy lunch is a clown lunch!

I find making mealtimes fun leads to less fussiness and more eating! I also find encouraging littlies to cook really helps them develop a love of food and flavours.

These clown sandwiches are so easy to make and go down a treat at lunch times!

You’ll need:

Hand shaped cutter
Filling of your choice
Cherry tomatoes
Cream cheese
Ham or quorn slices

To make:

1) Make your sandwich as normal (the thinner the filling the easier to cut using the shaped cutter!)

2) Cut a cherry tomato in half and pop some cream cheese on top. Add a blob of marmite or tomato sauce – these are the clowns eyes.

3) Roll the ham and put between the sandwich hands.

4) Add the eyes at the top

5) Add a sauce smile.

Done! An easy lunch to make any little smile!