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Yummy-tummy soup

Soup is an easy, tummy filling meal for hungry little ones!

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You will need:

Bouillion powder (with low salt)

Vegetables of your choice

You can go green and use as many green veg as you can and then rename it ‘Army Soup!’¬† Giving funy names to food encoursges children to try a wide variety of flavours.

If your child is into certain TV characters- name the soup after them!

How to:

Grown ups:

Peel, dice and boil the selected vegetables for 40 mins so they are nice and soft.
Children (with care and help):

Add the Bouillion to the water and stir for a further ten minutes.

Grown ups:

Using a hand blender (once the soup has cooled) blend to a smooth consistency.

You can add cream to make it even yummier!

Serve with our homemade bread!