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Shopping for your new arrival!

Shopping for your expected arrival is so exciting but can also be a total nightmare! With so many online stores and shops on the high street, how do you know which one to choose for the best?

Shopping online can save you lots of money, time and avoid swollen feet!

If you’re buying for your new baby, it’s essential to write a list  of all you need  (not what you want!)  This may seem time consuming, but it’ll save you valuable baby pennies in the long run.
When I was pregnant with my daughter Betsy, I did exactly this. With over 18 years working with children, I found compiling the list quite easy, however, It’s easy to get carried away with buying items that you want, but in my experience, don’t actually need! ( Yes those twenty pairs of cute boots and matching socks are rather gorgeous but do you really need them?)

Emma’s list (www.emmasdiary.co.uk) is a great, no nonsense list for any new mum-to-be, and helps you make the right choices between what you need and what you want!

 Of course the essentials are important, but shopping for a new arrival is supposed to be fun, so don’t forget to treat yourself to some loveliness for your baby!

After compiling your list, shop around for the best deal for each item, this yet again, is time consuming, but really worth the effort. I saved over £750 doing exactly this, going from shopping site to shopping site and matching prices. (Google shopping is great for price matching too.)


If your’e thinking of buying secondhand, NCT often do ‘nearly new’ sales and there’s always Ebay to pick up a bargain or two from.  Remember though, when buying second hand to ensure the items are safe, and if buying a second hand cot to ALWAYS replace the mattress. ( If you’re having a second child, did you know you should always have a new mattress for each child?)

During my hours of searching, (and I really mean hours!) I found a fantastic online store http://www.groovystyle.co.uk that sells top baby brands for a reduced price. I grabbed myself a rather fantastic Phil & Ted’s Sport at a fraction of the price of what the high-street stores were selling it for!

With many items often either on sale or on offer, It’s the perfect place to get the things you need without burning a hole in your pocket! I stocked up on most of my baby essentials here.  What’s more, Groovy Style’s customer service is second to none and delivery is quick and ontime, something so important towards the end of your pregnancy when you feel the need to have everything ready for little one’s arrival!

 Shopping should be fun, after all it’s what us girls do best! So get that list started and put your bargain Queen crown on and hit the online shops!


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  • Dawn

    Thanks for the heads up on the Groovystyle online store have saved it in my favourites for my nxt purchase. Also I’d def recommend TK Max, I’m expecting my 2nd child in 5wks and I took loads of things back to Mothercare as I got them for less than half at TK, they dont always have what you’re looking for but if they do its def a bargain. I just bought my growbags, fitted sheets and deluxe baby bather…check it out 1st its worth it

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