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Sorgenfresser (worry-eater dolls)

Introducing the rather lovely (and very clever,) Sorgenfresser!

Based on Gerhard Hahn’s German TV series, the principle behind Sorgenfresser (or Worry-eater dolls) is that children can write or draw their worries, and the Sorgenfresser will ‘eat’ the worries away – invaluable for parents who spend nights up and down the stairs checking for monsters under the bed or just to reassure an anxious little one!

Children can even write their worries down on a piece of paper, zip them in the Sorgenfresser’s mouth and they will be gone!

Whether your littlies are worried about school, friends or family, or the popular ‘what’s under the bed’ problem, Sorgenfresser can help make your little one’s worries go away.

The idea is that the Worry-eater dolls will keep an eye out for bad dreams and worries in a sleeping child’s room – if they see a bad dream they open their zippered mouth and gobble them up! What a lovely idea to make bedtime fun and put worries away!

Here at Childcare is Fun, we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of a Sorgenfresser before their official release in October! Miss B has become firm friends with ‘Biff’ and has tried on many occasions to feed him her tea! (Miss B does NOT share food – believe me, this is love!)

Now Miss B is only 2, and I’d like to think she’s too young for nightmares and worries, but she is already loving the new cuddly friend she has kindly been given to keep and so as their ‘friendship’ forms, we will be able to help ease worries away as she gets old enough to understand.

The mum side of me says these little creatures are a really great idea, and the professional side of me wishes I’d had a few of them during my 20 year career working with children. I can see a variety of situations these toys would’ve helped ease along, and many setting they could be used in, not just the home!

From hospital stays to worries about starting a new school, these toys will give parents and carers access to the secrets and worries that little ones perhaps are too shy or nervous to share, and help them talk through their worries in confidence.

While Sorgenfresser are not claiming to put all bad dreams and fears to rest, I feel they are taking a huge step in the right direction to dealing with stresses and worries little one’s face.

Well done Sorgenfresser! It’s a great big thumbs up from us!


Sorgenfresser UK are the distributor of these hugely popular toys – You can order now from their main site here.  Have a little look at the short video below, I think it explains the idea behind these little creatures really well!

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