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Snuggly pillows for sleepy heads!

When should I introduce a pillow?

If you want to introduce a pillow, it’s best to wait until your toddler moves from a cot to a bed. However,you can introduce a pillow at bedtime when having a story snuggled up  to you out of the cot.

Stay away from feather pillows, which are too soft, can set off allergies, and can smother a child if his head sinks into it while he’s sleeping. Pillows are not recommended really for children (in the UK) under 2 years old.

We have found the perfect pillow for littlies made from soft fabric and safe to use in bed when your child is old enough to use one.

Introducing the fabulous Billy winky pillow! A fantastic new edition to the dreamgenii® range and a perfect bedtime companion for your littly!

Combining all the fun of a toy with the practicality of a pillow that can be used every night, this children’s pillow will become your child’s best bed-time buddy.

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With unique features such as its ultra soft “Dig your fingers in” feel to the fleece and its Tooth Fairy Hidey Hole in the head for those special first Tooth Fairy visits, this fabulous snuggle buddy will settle you child as snug as a bug in a rug, amking sleepy time a comfy settled time.

Billy Winky’s unique centre panel (free of toy material) means this cute, loveable friend becomes the pillow in your child’s bed every night, ensuring a Magical Night’s Sleep for both you and your littly!

The Billy Winky comes complete with pillowcase (Machine washable,) and pillow and retails at £25.50 from dreamgenii.

What our testers thought:

Matthew, 2 years:

‘I went to bed for the first time with my Billy Winky, and thought he was great! I hadn’t used a pillow before now because I’m only 2.

I thought he was lovely- I just lay there stroking him until I fell asleep.

Mummy said I went to sleep very quickly indeed! We love the *Billy Winky!’

*Since this review Matty will now not sleep without his Billy Winky- he loves it so much!

Betsy 15 months:

‘I’m a bit too little for a pillow in my bed yet, but I love my Billy Winky to snuggle up to at story time, and when I have my bedtime bottle!

His fur is so soft and I like to just hold him and stroke his fur! He’s very cuddly and perfect for snuggling up to!’