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PurFlo Shleepy

According to PurFlo, Shleepy is ‘a lovable, snugable, soft sheep comforter for both babies and children’ and we’d have to agree after having met him last week and him being permanently attached to Oscar at bedtime ever since!

Soft and snuggly and very, very cuddly (my little fella took to him immediately!) Shleepy is the perfect bedtime buddy that will comfort and sooth your baby to sweet dreams.

Shleepy is a clever little sheep – his floppy ears cleverly hold tightly onto baby’s dummy at night, (so no more searching around in the dark for that elusive lost dummy,)  and his Teether Toes can be rubbed on sore little gums, chewed and bitten safely!

Little hands will enjoy the tactility of Shleepy’s Handy Hooves that are textured to help small fingers grip and play with the comforting soft toy.

Shleepy isn’t just a nap-time pal, he’s also great for when you are out and about with baby as his floppy ears will keep

hold of pram or car seat straps, so this little Sheep will never stray far from his flock!

Some extra bonus points from us for being machine washable -something so important for littlies who snuggle, dribble and sometimes sick on their little comforter friends! He’s also dryer safe so he can be quickly washed and dried ready for his nap time duties. Brilliant!

Well done Purlo it’s a big thumbs up from us all here at Childcare is Fun!

PurFlo Shleepy is available from selected stores from £12.99. Go to PurFlo here for a list of retailers or visit their main website here for more information.