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Blackout blinds

You don’t want your littly rising when the sun does so early in the summer – so how do you keep the room dark?

This fantastic Magic blackout blind helps children (and parents) get a good night’s sleep!

The temporary window blind is ideal for children’s rooms and also a great travel blackout blind for when on holiday!

The blind sticks using static and leaves no marks on glass. It easily peels off and can be reused.

What’s more, Magic Blackout Blind will also reduce heat and help keep rooms cooler- fantastic in the summer!

What our testers thought:

Betsy: ‘I’m a very good sleeper anyway, but around 5.30am when the sun comes up in the summer, I have a little wakey chat then go back to sleep.

Mummy doesn’t have to come and get me, but she hears me on my monitor, so it’s not great for her or Daddy, as they are then awake very early!

Mummy bought these magic blackout blinds at the baby show, hoping they would make a difference to my early morning sing song! Guess what? They work!

They keep my room nice and dark even in the bright morning sun!’

Fi (Betsy’s Mummy) :  ‘ When I bought these blinds I was a little sceptical how a piece of plastic on a roll would work! I was pleasantly suprised! They do a great job of keeping the morning bright light out of Betsy’s room meaning I’m not woken up earlier than I need to be and we all feel refreshed and bright after a good nights sleep!

I’d recommend these to anyone with small children who wake early due to the bright light oming in through their windows.’