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Double Pushchairs!

Read about our indepth and highly informative reviews about some of the most popular models of twin pushchairs available in the market today, the Maclaren Twin Techno and the sport 3-wheeler from Phil and Ted’s.

Get helpful information about the benefits and advantages of buying these two popular models of twin pushchairs including comments about the particular models’ aesthetic looks, ease of use, styling, portability and durability of the pushchairs. Continue reading below if you want to know more!

Maclaren Twin Techno

The Good

* Lightwieght for a twin stroller- 12.2kg/ 26.9lb
(without hood, shopping basket or raincover)

* Suitable from Birth so ideal for newborn twins, but equally great for newborn and toddler.

* Independent five position recline

* Slim enough to fit through standard door      

* Head-hug support included

* Raincover included

* Foot-muff included

* Compact umbrella fold

* Washable seat and foot-muff

* Easy to use breaks

* Good size shopping basket

The bad

A great buggy for average sized parents – However, the shorter person may find the non-adjustable handles a bit high and have difficulty in pushing uphill or getting up a step!

The ugly

Nothing ugly about this fabtastic double.

It even comes in at a reasonable £270- 285! Rather a splendid price with all extras included!

See what our testers Fi,Oscar and Betsy thought when taking the twin-techno out for a spin!

Phil & Ted’s Sport 3-wheeler pushchair

The good

* Flexible style with adaptable seat to form a double buggy system for twin toddlers or newborn and Toddler.

* Suitable from birth to Five years.

* Seat unit folds flat so when used for newborns with the carrycot (sold seperatley)  you can keep an eye on your baby – the toddler seat (sold seperatley) goes on top!

* Equipped with a handle mounted lock to switch easily between fixed or swivel front wheels

* Full side pushchair weighs only 14kg (without added seat)

* Folds quickly and easily

* Unlocks from the handle for ease of use

* Shopping basket stores shopping conveniently

The bad

While it is practical and aesthetically pleasing, this buggy comes at a price, at around £370-470!

Without accessories its quite pricey in comparison to its rival Three wheelers.

Punctures are common on the P&T which is a nightmare when out and about with a littly. You can get this sorted easily with puncture ‘glue’ (available at most DIY stores) but should you have to prepare yourself and fix tyres of a buggy that isn’t cheap?

The double when used as newborn and toddler combo (toddler on top seat, newboen in carrycot flat) is perfect and very nifty. However, when baby gets bigger, the lighter child sits in the bottom and the heavier (older) in the front. This is fine when walking, but if a toddler wants to get out, the buggy tips very easily.

The ugly

As a double buggy, you can’t use it from birth for your twins, but its great for a toddler and newborn, or for older twins (5 months+)

Tipping factor is very worrying

What our testers Betsy, Oscar & Fi thought…

‘This pushchair is quite bulky and heavy, but it takes a heavy load and felt sturdy and safe when Oscar was tiny and laid flat under the toddler seat. However, now he’s older, the tipping factor (mentioned above) is quite a worry! Especially as Betsy loves walking and getting out and in off the buggy to go on the swings, to walk and to jump in puddles!)

Despite its weight, it’s easily lifted in and out of the car, and fits in the boot of the smallest of cars (mines a Mercedes A class!)

The only problem with the Phil & Teds is reacurring punctures which when out and about isn’t great. We’ve now had the special glue put in which cost £17 for 3 wheels – and they’ve not punctured since. Not a bad price  for peace of mind!

The double attachment is fab – fixing to the front while Oscar is tiny, and to the back whe he’s a little older, however, they can’t see eachother like they would be able to in other twin buggies which is a shame.

The Phil and Teds is a sound investment- yes, it’s a little more expensive than rival buggies, but it’s a brilliant double buggy if you are aware of the tipping factor and remember to make sure you never leave a baby in the back seat when the front seat is empty.’