A what?

A BuggyTug is a strap for your buggy that is designed to ensure that should you take your hands off the pram that it won’t go rolling away from you.

According to BuggyTug, ‘every strap is safety tested so you can be sure it won’t let you down in your hour of need.’

Why would I need one?

Well, I for one am rather fond of my little precious passengers in their buggy! I live in the countryside so that means we are up and down country lanes quite a bit. In the winter especially, it gets slippy.

So if I should fall and let go? O.K – you get the idea!

I have a strap already fixed to my Phil & Teds Sport (they come as standard) but it isn’t comfprtable and is very big! My hands and wrists are very small, so more often than not the strap falls off.

The BuggyTug is made of neoprene which makes it really comfy! it’s also smaller than the P&T strap so fits better and feels safer.

I use the buggy tug on my Maclaren Twin when walking the dog with the littlies and when I go for a run with them speeding along in the P&T.

The BuggyTug is soft and comfortable and to be totally honest- I didn’t notice I had it on. When I got home and tried to put the key in the door, I suddenly realised I was still attached to the buggy!

All in all the BuggyTug is a great little extra to buy for your buggy. A little extra safety is never a bad thing!

Where can I buy one?

You can buy a BuggyTug for £3.99 (+£2.00 P&P Postage) here.

We have a BuggyTug to give away very soon! Keep checking our Tweets and Facebook updates for more details!