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iRewardChart app

I love my iphone – it has my diary, emails, camera, video, well, basically my life all in one little place, so of course I love apps that ease my life as a mum of two in any way!


The iRewardChart is an app that brings the traditional reward chart onto mobile device, with a customizable, interactive interface.


iRewardChart looks to help parents keep track of their child’s positive behavior, and reward them appropriately.


It’s easy to use, can be personalised with photos and tasks, and has won ‘Best Parenting ap’ two years in a row! (2010,2011) Not bad hey?


The iRewardChart is available for download from the app store and for more information you can visit the iRewardChart main site here.


What we thought…



  • Easy to use

  • Always to hand

  • Easy to personalise with photos and tasks

Not so great:

For us Uk lovelies the US words and spelling aren’t so great for older children who can read and are using the app with their parents! A UK version soon please?

Here’s us trying out the iReward chart…