Humf app

Miss B loves my iphone.

This is a problem because Miss B is a sticky,messy,might break my precious things, toddler!

As a compromise, when my phone isn’t hiding (in my bag) I allow her to ‘play’ on my littlies aps that I’ve downloaded especially for her to use.

There are loads of fabulous aps for little ones to enjoy, educational, funtastic, and easy for little fingers to use, so imagine my joy at being asked to review another child friendly app called Humf.

Now I didn’t actually know who Humf was, (I tend not to have the TV when the littlies are awake) but that didn’t really matter as Miss b fell in love with him right away!

Being only very small (16 months) the concept of the Humf activities were a little too hard to understand, but the jolly music and fun sounds had her enthralled for over an hour! An hour I tell you! (This is magical- she’s not a sit down and concentrate with mummy kind of toddler!)

The Humf App includes a fun-filled selection of 9 mini-games, with a variety of activities inspired by the hit TV show.


Featuring all the original characters, music and sound effects, the app captures all the excitement from the  much-loved children’s TV show.



Activities include:

Furry Thing – Combine different body parts and create new and familiar furry things.

Painting – Help Wallace paint amazing and colourful pictures.

Tidy Up – Help Humf clean his room by matching the toys to their correctly coloured boxes.

Shadows – Different shapes cast different shadows.  Children can try and match them correctly.

Balloons – Help Loon fill the balloons with air, count them then have fun popping them with Humf.

Dot-To-Dot – Join the dots to reveal different characters from the TV show.

Music – Children can have fun making music with different instruments.

Bath Time – Use the water pistol to shoot bubbles at the toys.

Racing – Control the car by tilting the device in different directions.

Although this ap isn’t really aimed at littlies as young as Miss B, she loved it! Some of the activities were a bit too tricky for her stage of development, but the others had her in giggles (squirting ducks in the bath and balloon popping) and kept her entertained on my knee!

We enjoyed the Humf ap so much so, that when it was time for my phone to ‘hide’ again we had a few Miss B tears!

The Humf ap is available for £1.79 from the itunes store.