funky soap

Handwashing. It needs to be done constantly when around teeny-tinies to avoid infections…

When cooking, doing arty projects and playing with older littlies, it’s a never – ending, handwashing chore!

When littlies are old enough to need to wash their own hands it’s often hard to get them to!

Solution? Funky soap!

There are lots of soaps around to encourage handwashing for littlies, but these are often child based and only aimed at children, meaning the bathroom sink has a selection of soaps!

We’ve found a beautiful, funky, handmade soap that looks (and smells) good enough to eat!

Made by ShellyBobbins, this pink cupcake soap has a fantastic lather, comes in perfect portion sizes for little hands, and leaves hands clean and soft and smelling yummy!

Miss B is a bit too small to need to wash her hands at the sink noramlly, so we use wipes. However, after arty fun she’s usually covered in glue and paint, so we need extra washing to get clean and take her to the sink!

Wow- she loved this soap so much, we had tears when hand-washing time was over!

This funky cupcake soap is available from Shellybobbins and makes a fabtastic gift for any grown up or littly wanting a soap with star quality for their bathroom!