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Tasty Little Numbers

As a busy mum of two toddlers, who should perhaps, now and then, watch what she eats, I was rather delighted to discover some easy lunches and snacks rounded up to calorie perfect counts.


My first thoughts when I saw the snacks and snack-pots delivered to my door to review, “they are bound to taste like cardboard and have the teeniest filling quality that I’d need to eat the whole box full!” (You can see I was pleasantly surprised below!)


Not one to be greedy, I decided to share my review box of tasty little numbers…


I need white chocolate now (reviewed by Richard): “This is a really satisfying treat; Jo from TLN has obviously gone for a generous helping of chocolate and a very low calorie crispy filling to bulk out the bar. So, unlike many other low calorie chocolate bars, you are left feeling like you’ve actually eaten something worthwhile!”


I need milk chocolate now (reviewed by Oana): “A good sugar fix if you have the eleven o’clock cravings. It’s definitely, the best job they could do in the calorie range – it gives you the impression you are having more of the treat than you actually are. The aerated centre provides ten bites, instead of two or three, and tells your brain you’ve had enough – on only 100 calories. Compared to, say, a Special K Bar, it has more substance. Plus, it’s completely coated in chocolate! And the chocolate doesn’t taste like soap, which is a big achievement when you compare it with other low calorie bars!”


I need Dark chocolate now (reviewed by Fi): “I love dark chocolate, and I wasn’t let down by the taste of this 100 calorie bar. Crispy, tasty and not bad on the hips – it’s a winner in my book!


Mushroom stroganoff (reviewed by Richard): “The stroganoff was really delicious. Again Tasty Little Numbers has chosen to emphasise the nice bits of the recipe and just miss out the rest. So the stroganoff has no rice or cream but a really generous helping of mushrooms, some sort of wheat germ that delivers a great texture and some flavoured oil that makes a lovely sauce. I would definitely eat this again and would really like to see what other vegetarian recipes there are in the range.”


Chicken Tikka Masala & Chilli Con Carne Snack pot (reviewed by Fi): “I enjoyed the Chicken Tikka Masala and the chilli too but not so much the sausage and beans. For 200 calories, the snack-pots are an easy, quick lunch for any busy parent or as lunchtime snacks at work.”

Salty, malty, crispy crunchie chipsticks (reviewed by Richard) “Probably the least appetising of the three things I tried, but still a winner and a comfortable 6.5/10. A good carb-compliment to the stroganoff!”


Texy Mexy BBQ Grills (reviewed by Fi): “The crisps were pretty impressive (also only 100 calories) my favorite being the Texy Mexy BBQy grills!



In conclusion? We think Tasty little numbers is rather a fab idea – rounding calories off perfectly for those watching their weight or wanting to stick to a certain amount of calories each day.


Even if you’re not weight watching- the snacks make an ideal and healthier alternative to other heat-up meals, and what’s fab is the snack-pots don;t need to be stored in the fridge! Great for taking to work!


For more information on Tasty little numbers go to www.tastylittlenumbers.com