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Yummy Lollies!

Yummy Lollies have had a make-over and so our mini testers at Childcare is Fun had a little taste to see what they thought!

Yummy lollies was set up in 2007 by Sarah Smith and Zoe Meredith when searching for a healthy ice lolly for their own children.  Realising that no such product was available, the women from East Sussex began making ice lollies which contained nothing but real fruit.

the healthy lollies are made with nothing but 100% real fruit; no concentrate, no added sugar, no added water and no artificial nasties. Flavours now include Strawberry & Banana, British Apple & Raspberry and Apple & Mango, and the new packaging make the lollies look appealing to little ones and parents too!


With the recent fabulous (on and off) weather, we put the lollies to the ultimate test – hungry tots wanting a cooling down treat! Our team of teeny testers aged 20 months – 4 years, sucked away until every last bit had gone. Proof indeed that they were a ‘tasty way for young children to include vitamins in their diet’ and ‘lick their way to 5-a-day!’ as the company suggests!


Yummy Lollies produce two frozen ice lolly products; Yummy Lollies – the 100% real fruit ice lolly on a stick ideal for young children; and Real Fruit FRENZY! – the 100% real fruit, real flavour frozen fruit tube aimed at older children, teenagers and adults.


All Yummy Lollies products contain less than 60 calories, are made with nothing but 100% real fruit (no sugar, water or concentrates) and are free from synthetic additives, flavourings, colours and preservatives.