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Organix Nummy in my tummy…


For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Miss B.

I’m 17 months old and the daughter of Childcare is Fun’s editor (Fi!)

I have a little brother Oscar who is 5 months old, and together we tried the new Organix range to help mummy out with her review page. (Well, she couldn’t exactly give an honest review if she didn’t put it to the tummy test with us now could she?!)

We were sent some snack biscuits (banana-I’d-like-more-now-please flavour) some juice (lovely-but-messy flavour) and various jars and squeezies for my little brother to try.

What did I think?

I loved The multigrain rice cakes and banana biscuits and mummy loved them too (yes she actually took candy from a baby, well, kind of,) they were great for rumbly tummies mid-morning and easy to take out and about.

Now my mummy is an ‘old school’ Nursery Nurse you see?She home-cooks all of my meals and Oscar’s too. However, she doesn’t play being super-mummy all of the time, and likes to use jars or pouches when we go out as it’s fresher and easier.

organix food, organix baby foodOscar rather liked the pouches.

They were easy for him to suck on if out and about, and when poured into his favourtie bowl, the texture looked so smooth and creamy it was rather lovely indeed!

Mummy let us put the nummy tummy food to the test at home, just incase we had meltdown in a restaurant which nobody would’ve wanted!

The jars (all except the shepherds pie which I really, really did not like,) were yumalicious!

Oscar yummed up the pouches which are really convenient for days when we are out and about. The pouches have a screw cap, meaning we could save half of the portion for later (in the fridge.)

The drinks were lovely, but I got into rather a big mess dribbling it all down me.

I’m only little  and use  a feeder cup or straw.  I also only usually have water (see? Old school Nursery Nurse is a bit of a meany sometimes and won’t let me have juice that often!)

Where can I buy them?

The Stage 2 jars are available in Tesco,ASDA and Boots – RRP 80p per jar

The Stage 3 jars are available from Tesco from and Boots RRP – £1.15 per jar

The multigrain rice cake is available from Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda RRP £1.19 per bag

The banana biscuit is available from Sainsburys, Asda and Boots – RRP £1.10 per pack

The Goodies drinks are available from Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons – RRP 89p each

The Stage 1 pouches are available from Sainsburys, Asda and Boots – RRP 95p each

Want to see me doing the nummy tummy taste challenge?