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Asda ‘Great Stuff’ toddler range


Asda Great Stuff rangeI have to admit every now and then I cheat when it comes to the littlies dinners with something that’s easy to serve.


The majority of their dinners are home-cooked in big batches and frozen (youAsda Great Stuff range can check out some of our recipes in the ‘yums for tuns’ section), but sometimes I’ll buy a few of the Asda ranges for a nice change or a break from cooking! (This isn’t a sponsored post by Asda by the way- I’m just sharing my love of their range!)


The yogurts always go down a treat and the fromage frais pouches are greatAsda Great Stuff range for picnics! I’ve steered away from the bangers and mash and noodles in sauce as they looked a little glunky and anything that doesn’t look appetising to me, sure won’t to my two lovelies!


We’ve tried the shepherds pie, fish pie, lasagne and yogurts and they’ve gone down very well! Why not give the a try?