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Hipp Organic Mini pots

We are big fans of Hipp Organic here at Childcare is Fun so were delighted to try their new fruit and yogurt mini-pots!

This latest product innovation, completely unique to the baby food aisle has been specially developed for little ones, from four months onwards. In response to recent consumer insights, HiPP Organic has triumphed in the race to launch a conveniently sized, 50g tasty puree, perfect for the early stages of weaning.

Mini Pots are set to alleviate problems associated with food wastage, faced by parents during weaning. Whilst an abundance of 100g fruit pots are readily available for babies on supermarket shelves, recent research has uncovered that mums find these too big for first time tasting experiences. HiPP Organic understood that mums were seeking a smaller serving and cleverly launched two new recipes in 6 x 50g portions of pureed fruit ‘with a little bit of yogurt’, relieving parents of any waste worries.

Mini Pots can be served as the ideal introduction to solid foods and can also be enjoyed by those that are more established in weaning for breakfast or as a tasty snack. Made from the finest organic fruits, picked at the peak of ripeness and blended with a ‘little bit of organic yogurt’, Mini Pots are available in packs of six, in two scrumptiously fruity flavours; ‘Apple and Pear’ and ‘Banana and Peach’.

The ‘little bit’ of yogurt provides babies with a ‘whole lot’ of smoothness making the taste milder to suit a baby’s developing tiny taste palettes as they adjust to solid foods. It also works hard to liken their taste buds to healthy, nutritious foods, enabling them to discover and adapt to new tastes and textures at a very early age.

The delicious recipes contain no added sugar, no artificial additives or preservatives, providing mums with further reassurance that when they choose HiPP…their baby really is guaranteed the very best of organic.

What did we think?

I’d thought Miss B (2) was perhaps a little old for Hipp Organic pots now, but she insisted on trying one together with Oscar 18 months and our newest reviewer Dylan aged 8 months!

The yoghurts are suitable from 4 months, but if you have a fussy eater who refuses fruit, these are a great way of getting those all important five-a-day fruits down them! My two loved them and asked for another!

What’s great about these pots is they don’t need refrigeration so you can pop them in your bag when out and about! Fabulous!

Dylan’s daddy thought the banana was a little over powering in smell but said it ‘certainly didn’t come out too strong in taste’ (yes even his daddy had a little bit too!) He also thought texture was great for weaning which we have to agree with!

It’s another thumbs up fromm us Hipp organic – Another great product for teeny tummies!

Mini pots are the latest addition to an all encompassing range of popular HiPP Organic products including; a tasty array of organic jars, resealable wholesome pots, refreshing fruit juices with mineral water, wholesome and nutritious toddler tray meals, 100% fruit pouches and the Little Nibbles finger foods range.

HiPP Organic Mini Pots are available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Boots now!