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External Skincare Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser – Fragrance Free

All mothers-to-be know the importance of keeping their skin well moisturised during pregnancy. Although stretch marks are never totally preventable, using a good quality, rich body moisturiser can help minimise them as much as possible.

Something that not all mums do know, however, is how important it is to avoid certain skincare ingredients during pregnancy, and that a moisturiser containing naturally derived ingredients can significantly benefit both mother and unborn baby.

We have thee pregnant mums on our CCIF team at the moment, so were delighted when we were asked to try a rather lovely moisturiser for growing baby bumps!

Eternal Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser by Eternal Skincare contains a high proportion of organically grown Aloe Leaf Juice, well known for its incredible skin repairing qualities. Free from parabens and other potentially harmful stabilisers, Eternal Skincare’s luxurious moisturiser contains a plethora of decadent, natural ingredients, such as calendula oil and shea butter.

One of our mums-to-be, Cheryl, shares her thoughts on the External Skincare Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser, which is fragrance free…

‘I like this product because it wasn’t obviously for a Mum to Be.

The packaging was subtle but nice (would look good out on the side, so doesn’t need to be hidden away!)

When you first apply the cream it seems to be quite thick and very white but it is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

The cream has no fragrance so is perfect when you want to use your own perfumes or when you put it on last thing at night and don’t want to be overpowered by a fragrance!

All in all this product gets a thumbs up from me!’

If you’d like to buy the External Skincare Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser you can do so here for from £30 for 225ml.  Alternatively order by phone on 0800 993 0124.