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Yoomi bottle warmer

We love finding fab products for littlies here at CCIF, and the Yoomi bottle is certainly that!

The Yoomi bottle warmer is the fantastic invention of Farah and Jim, a Mum and Dad whose experiences of bottle warming (stumbling around the kitchen in the early hours and begging waiters for hot water when out and about) inspired them to look for a better solution.

The combination of Farah’s inspiration and Jim’s engineering skills, together with expert advice and help from friends and family, has resulted in yoomi, the bottle that warms baby’s feed in just 60 seconds.

Yoomi features:

  • Warms feed in just 60 seconds
  • Rechargeable warmer x 100, no plugs, no batteries
  • Tested to rigorous safety standards
  • Makes combining breast and bottle easier
  • Use bottle alone or with the warmer
  • BPA free
  • Bottles, teats and warmers are interchangeable across the range
  • Charge it and it stays that way until you use it
  • Breast-like anti-colic teat for easy latch-on

How does it work?

The yoomi bottle contains a unique warmer that is activated by pressing the orange button. This triggers the internal solution to warm the unit in just 60 seconds.

The cold feed is gently warmed as it flows through the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer. By the time the feed reaches the teat, it is at natural breast milk temperature (32-34 deg C).

Is it safe?

Yoomi is 100% BPA free, meets the highest safety standards and has undergone extensive testing by an array of experts.

The warmer contains the same gel used in hand warmers.

The gel is a non-toxic, concentrated salt solution (it is used as an additive in ice cream).

Just to be extra safe, Yoomi have added a food grade colourant so that any leaks are visible, and Bitrex®, a safe but bitter substance that will ensure that even if there is a leak, baby will not swallow any of the solution.

What our testers Fi & Oscar thought:

‘On receiving our Yoomi, we were a little suprised by the look of it all! It looked liked something from a sci-fi movie and to be honest I thought it would take ages to get it all ready to use.

I was wrong!

The instructions are so easy to follow – it’s child’s play! Even Betsy thought it looked like fun (what’s more the main packaging is recyclable and also became a nice play thing for Betsy!)

Twenty-five minutes heating in a saucepan of boiling water was all it took and after it had been left to cool for 75 minutes, the Yoomi warmer was ready to use.

What’s great is it can be stored in the fridge and will still warm up when needed – great for nigh-time feeds.

Right on time, Oscar demanded his 2pm feed, and with a click of the orange button, his milk was warmed to a perfect temperature in just 60 seconds. No microwaves, no boiling water, no fuss, just easy feeding at the click of a tiny button.

What was really fantastic is the anti-colic teat made feeding a refulx baby easy. His feed was gone quickly and calmly and with no painful episodes after. Perfect!’

Where can I buy a yoomi?

You can buy a Yoomi warmer and bottles from Mothercare and other retailers. Click here for details.