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Who loves me? Flash cards!

Flash cards are a great learning aid for babies and toddlers! I’ve used them for years to encourage language development and when I’m teaching sign language to hearing babies.

There are lots of flash cards available with animals, household objects, places, transport and food, but I have only just discovered some rather wonderful flash cards for helping little ones learn to recognise their family members!

Who loves me? Flash cards!

Who Loves Me? flash cards give you all the educational value and interactive fun of a set of flash cards, but with the added benefits that they are unique to you and teach your child about something very important – who loves them!

Are they safe for teething little mouths that like to chew?

The cards have been designed so that littlies can play with them on their own or with an adult and have undergone thorough CE safety tests to meet European safety standards (so they have none of the nasty chemicals on them that photos have!)

How do I order them?

Making your flash cards is easy – simply log onto the site and begin!

We had lots of fun choosing photos and captions to go on our flashcards and they uploaded easily to the site at the click of a button!

We chose family that our littlies see regularly, but it’s great to know we can add to the pack at anytime with family members that live further away and they don’t see very often!

On the back of each card you personalise with a picture from the gallery and a little phrase. We chose a picture of a chef for Grandad’s picture and put ‘grandad makes jam and pickles’ (which he does- and they’re gorgeous!)  



How much are they?

The Flash cards start in price at £1.99 for one (great for updating cards as children grow or new family members arrive!)

A pack of 8 is £11.99 or £17.99 for 16. Not bad value for a lasting learning tool that doubles as a keepsake!

Are they any good?

Indeed they are! We had such a giggle when the cards arrived. They come in a lovely little box to keep them safe, easy to open with little fingers. The photos we had chosen were perfect on the cards and Miss B and Oscar loved them. At only 9 months Oscar recognised the faces- he smiled and waved his hands when he saw the pictures of our family.

Miss B said all the names of the family when shown each card, and we played different games with them such as ‘find Nanna’ which involved placing the cards face down and turning them over one by one and cheering when we eventually found her.

If you’d like to order some  of these rather fab flash cards, you can register here and place your order. Our cards came within a few days of placing the order!


Can we see some in action?

You can watch our little video of how much we loved the ‘Who loves me?’ Flash cards.