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Tesco baby bath range

We love trying new products for littlies here at Childcare is Fun, and bath-time products are one of our favourite things to try!

We have tried lots of bath and body products over the years, some mighty expensive, some well known, some organic and some, well, affordable on the pocket.

Tesco have their own range of baby and toddler products which do exactly what they say on the tin. Well, the bottle!

The range of baby and toddler bath products range in price from 99p for a 500ml shampoo bottle, to £1.50 for the bedtime body wash from Tesco.

Miss B and Oscar love bathtime, and for us, hairwashing has never been an issue, which is great really as we need to wash their messy mops everyday! At the day’s end it’s usually full of food, paint and whatever messy fun we have had that day, so they need a good wash all over!

The shampoo (pictured with Miss B) smelt lovely and washed their hair beautifully. The no sting formula helped and it was easily rinsed. it was very similar to a well known brand, one that is more expensive too! I think we will be switching to the Tesco one from now on!

The bedtime body wash was really lovely. The lavender smell was comforting and the texture of the wash was like a cream rather than a soapy gel. Miss B loved rubbing it all over herself and Oscar and they smelled beautiful after their bath!

We don’t usually use body-washes on the littlies as they both have sensitive skin, but the wash really moisturised their skin and after 3 days use I noticed a surprising (good) difference in their skin!

Well done Tesco! Great job!

We would recommend the Tesco baby bath range to any parent who’s looking for great baby and toddler products but has a smaller budget.