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Organic Vegan Soothing Body Balm

Winner of the TIPS “Editors Choice” Award Organic Vegan Soothing Body Balm with Lavender & Chamomile is suitable for sensitive skin and eczema. Not only is the balm handmade, it also has certified organic ingredients which means all of those ‘nasty’ chemicals are left behind!

What they say…

‘The calming and soothing effects of Lavender mixed with the skin feeding and anti-inflammatory effects of Chamomile complement each other leaving skin feeling fresh, soothed and spoilt! The nourishing and essential oils help to alleviate your skin whilst regenerating new skin cells.’

With 100% Certified Organic ingredients plus staying well clear of those nasty chemicals, B Organic can help you and your baby’s skin feel happy and healthy (plus smelling very yummy!)

What we thought…

Miss B and Oscar have Eczema. Luckily it only flares up now and again, but when it does, it’s sore, red, and inflamed.

Before using Organic Vegan Soothing Body Balm

We use regular Eczema creams which do work well, but often feel greasy thick.

On trying the Soothing Body Balm, we were suprised at its texture. A little like a lip balm but easily spread on little skin.

Within a few days the little areas of Eczema had gone from sore and inflamed to soft and normal!

After using Organic Vegan Soothing Body Balm

We were very pleased with the results, and even the little ones daddy tried some on his Eczema and was impressed! The pictures unfortunately aren’t fabulously clear, but you can see the dryness in the first picture has gone in the second, taken only 4 days later.

We weren’t too keen on the smell of Lavender & Chamomile for the little ones – it’s nice, but a little overpowering. However, the balm is available unscented too, so this means you have a choice!

We think the balm is very impressive and did what it suggested on the pot!