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Born free soothers

Soothers are a personal choice when it comes to baby care…

Love them or hate them, parents have used dummies, pacifiers, comforters or soothers for centuries! As the names suggest, they are used to soothe and settle babies and, sometimes, toddlers too.

While some mums couldn’t survive the day without giving their baby a dummy, others strongly disapprove of their use. The dummy debate has raged for a number of years and remains an area where parents are often given conflicting advice.

Here at CCIF we believe soothers are helpful if used in moderation and can be beneficial to a baby who is in discomfort or unsettled.

A large 1999 study reported that two thirds of mothers used a dummy at some point and now using a dummy has been included in the guidelines for preventing cot death (SIDS) so even more parents may use them for their babies than before.

Born free make a variety of soothers but we tried the CoolFlow Soother. The CoolFlow Soother is a orthodontic silicone soother with a rounded cherry shaped teat.

Made from materials that are 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC, the BornFree® soother features a breathable shield with extra large airholes to reduce moisture around the mouth and raised soft edges to protect sensitive skin.

Available in a twin pack and  supplied with a hygienic snap-on cap, theses soothers are (in our opinion) one of the best available today!

What our testers Fi & Oscar thought:

‘We used soothers with Betsy and now we use them with Oscar. We find that most soothers are hard for little Oscar to suck and keep in his mouth wheh he needs it most- at bedtime after his night feed.

The CoolFlow Soother shapes perfectly around his little mouth, is soft for his skin and easy for him to keep in his mouth. Easy to sterilise and to keep clean with the cap provided, these soothers are great for little ones needing that little extra bit of help settling.’

You can buy Born free soothers here from their online store ranging from £4.99- £5.50 for a twin pack.