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BabyDam – Making bathtime fun!

Here at CCIF we are always on the lookout for fab new products for making life a little easier with a littly, and we think we’ve found a fab bathtime product in the BabyDam.

The BabyDam not only makes life easier, it saves money, water, time and energy!

Retailing at £27.50, it’s a sound investment as it’ll pay for itself time and time again! Think of all of the water you’ll save!

What BabyDam say:

‘Try BabyDam once and you’ll never go back to the old way of bathing your baby.

That’s because this wonderful new innovation turns your family bath into your baby’s bath in seconds. There’s no mess and no fuss. Fits all standard straight sided baths, just add the water and you’re away!’

BabyDam saves time, water, energy and money.

We put the BabyDam to the test with the help of teeny newborn Oscar and his Mum, Fi…

What they thought:

Wow! What a fantastic product!

So easy to use and store away -why didn’t I know about this before?!

Not only is the BabyDam great for saving water when bathing Oscar on his own, it’s also a great barrier to seperate them when they bath together!

Betsy is only 12 months older than Oscar, so bathing them together can get quite tricky with bath toys and hands flying in his direction!

The bath damn makes bath time a happy, fun time, meaning that if I bath them seperately, I’m not wasting water (Betsy pops into Oscars water) or if they bath together, they’re kept apart – great at the moment when Oscar is so tiny!  

I wish I’d had one of these when Betsy was born – it would have saved me so much time (and money!) I highly recommend it!