Baby Wipes

Changing time – not the best bit of parenting is it?  You want something that will clean away the yuckiness but equally not hurt your little ones bottom or face (wipes are fab for cleaning sticky faces too!)

Here at Childcare is Fun, we’ve put the most popular wipes to the test…

Johnson Baby Skincare Wipes

Johnson Baby Skincare Wipes are perfect for every nappy change and protect your baby’s skin too. Available in a sensitive version too, these wipes are soft, strong and in our opinion one of the best available!

Our team of testers all love these wipes and say that they mostly buy these for their little ones. The only negative? A little higher in price than their rivals.

Pampers sensitive baby wipes

For a pure cleansing experience. Pampers sensitive wipes clean little ones perfectly. Made with 98% purified water and mild ingredients (lotion with vitamin E),

Pampers wipes leave your baby’s skin fresh and clean and soft! We loved the smell of these wipes and the softness was like cotton! Also available in sensitive and unfragranced.

Fi – Mum of two – ‘I like pampers nappies, but I must say the wipes are a little harder to get out of the pack than the rival brands (they stick to the previous one and trying to get them apart with a little wriggler is tricky!) I loved the softness though and the smell!

Tesco Baby newborn wipes

Tesco Baby Newborn Wipes have won Product of the Year in the 2012 awards and quite rightly too!

Recently and regularly on offer for only £1 these baby wipes put up a good fight against more popular brands.

Soft, sensitive and kind to little skin, Tesco Baby newborn wipes are great for parents on a tighter budget or looking for an alternative to the  more famous brands.

Our team of testers loved the new Tesco wipes! The feedback was positive from all 5 testers! Good job Tesco!

Asda baby wipes


Soft and thick Enriched with aloe vera & baby lotion these supermarket brand wipes are suitable for newborns.

The wipes are enriched with baby lotion to help prevent the causes of nappy rash and contain aloe vera to help care for baby’s soft skin. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, ensuring they are just right for your little ones delicate skin.

Mum of two Fi ‘ I like these as a leading brand alternative, but they are a little too thin and for the more horrid nappies, you need to use wuite a few!’

We also tried the new, funky wipes from the Asda little Angels range that contain a cream pot on them…

Little Angels Baby Cotton Soft Wipes with built in cream

These wipes should help make changing time easier. They come with a small pot of nappy cream pot built into the lid so it’s always to hand whenever you need it. Here’s what one of our reviewing team, dad of two, Lee thought…

‘At first look – a great product for the changing bag, keeps the changing things to carry about nice and compact!

However there is a waste issue! What happens if you use all the wipes but not the cream?

Also the clip to get into the cream compartment was a little fiddly when you have a wriggly little one on your hands. The wipes also frayed very easily.’


Huggies baby Wipes

Created for delicate skin, Huggies Pure Wipes provide gentle cleansing just like cotton wool and water – ideal for all your baby, skincare and beauty needs.

Our team of testers were divided on these wipes from Huggies. Half our team loved them saying the thickness meant using less, while the other half preferred other thinner brands saying they felt a little rougher than the rivals.