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Babymule changing bags

Here at Childcare is Fun we love putting new baby and toddler products to the test so were delighted to try out a rather funky changing bag called Babymule.

Babymule is a changing bag that oozes style while providing practical awesomeness on every level. Forget your regular boring changing bag that serves it’s purpose and think adult funky rucksack that doesn’t resemble a nappy bag in the slightest!

With a gazzillion pockets, key holder, changing pouch, changing mat, bottle insulator and dirty bag this bag has everything you need to get on your way to enjoying being out and about with your littly!


The Babymule fabric  is water resistant (we tried it) and can even go through the washing machine (delicates) if it has been thoroughly soiled.

Designed with padded back & airflow system, padded straps, gunmetal components, branded zippers and embroidered logo this funky little number is a big rival for other changing bags in the baby world.

We put Babymule to the test with two toddlers aged 1 and 2 years old. Here’s what they thought…

Babymule prices start at £84 and can be purchased at www.Babymule.co.uk