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I contacted Fi on Twitter after a recommendation from a friend. I have to say I’m so glad that I did! After many exchanges of emails and support on Twitter, My non-sleeper now sleeps 12-13 hours a night and I can honestly say it’s changed our life! Thanks Fi!


Fi has helped us on our parenting journey through her website and through personal advice via email. From weaning to potty training Fi has always been at hand to help!


This is the first time I have sought help online and I really feel like there is someone to help at hand which is such a relief when you just don’t know where to turn!


We contacted Fi after months of many bad nights with our 2 year old daughter who used to be a good sleeper. After following her techniques I’m happy to say our little girl now sleeps through the night like she used to and I’m one happy mummy! Thanks Fi!


The Easidream team simply adore CCIF! It’s a fabulous website, that’s easy to navigate and jam packed with quite literally 100’s of pages of really useful stuff for parents. Reviews, blog entries, helpful advice on childcare and much much more, all included in easy to read articles that are both fun and factual.  A definite MUST for a daily visit!


Easidream Team