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Fi just seems to have this amazing ability to know just what is needed – it seems totally instinctive! I still can’t believe that, by email, she was able to create a routine for us around three school runs and three older siblings! The advice was just so easy to read through and follow – it just made sense. 


I think the fact that Fi believes that each child and family is different is the key to her success with sleep issues. She takes the time to find out exactly what is going on in each family and then, based on the child and their surroundings, is able to offer suggestions that make the transition to good sleep as painless as possible.


Fi takes that time and understands that each family needs a tailored approach.


When we buckled down and used Fi’s suggestions to help Sam self-settle and self-soothe, we expected to be in for the long haul.


“A few nights was all it took. 



The Childcare is Fun website is an excellent concept and one I recommend to anyone with children, so I was delighted for Fi to review our Who Loves Me? personalised flash cards (which as expected was brilliantly done). Fi is always an absolute pleasure to deal with and has always been a great support.


Lucy Morley

Managing director ‘Who loves me?’ Flash cards

I can’t recommend Fi’s parenting advice and website highly enough!


After what seemed like forever with no sleep, we finally have an 8 month old who sleeps through the night and follows a fantastic daily routine- all tailor made for us by Fi, (and all free of charge!)


Clare Stokes


I was told about Childcare is Fun on Twitter, so got in touch via the website.

Fi got back to me within the hour to let me know she’d be helping me within 48 hours and she stayed true to her word! The next day we went through my breast-feeding problems which my health visitor didn’t help with. Fi gave me lots of advice, including different techniques and ideas which really helped me and my daughter get back on the right track.


I think if I hadn’t got in touch I’d have given up feeding! Thanks Fi!


Sarah Barnes