I was struggling to potty train my 3 year old and getting really upset. I read an article on Mother and Baby magazine by Fi and decided to get in touch. I didn’t expect a reply but within a few days she was offering reassuring words and kindness.

The best tip she gave to me was to stop worrying about my daughters age and to focus on her as an individual! ‘She said potty training was ‘a child thing and not an age thing’ and that made me look at toilet training in a totally different way.

Fi advised me to take a break – go back to nappies for a few weeks and start afresh. So we did. 4 weeks later with my new confidence and new outlook my daughter took to potty training so well that we only had 3 accidents in the first week! The seconde week there was only one (we were out shopping – my fault!) By week 4 we had none at all.

All of this advice was for free. I’m truly thankful for Fi’s advice – I think I’d have lost the plot if I’d not had a chat with Fi!

Lucy Jones (mum of 3)


I loved the baby years – then suddenly my beautifully behaved baby hit 15 months and it was like something exploded! I have to admit that I didn’t cope very well. I was in a terrible place when one of my friends suggested Fi Star-Stone.

I emailed Fi and she got back to me right away – reassuring me that what I was going through was normal and that the toddler years can be tricky. Fi’s advice was gentle, calm and caring. She gave me coping tips and techniques to deal with my troublesome toddler.

The toddler years can be stressful – but Fi has helped me to have a different outlook on those tough days and I’m now enjoying each day with my often challenging toddler!

Cheryl (mum of one)

We asked Fi for help with our 6 month old twins when other sleep books, advice and help had failed us. Fi listened to us, she wasn’t judgmental and was incredibly easy to chat to. She listened to our needs as a family and created a plan to get us all some much needed sleep!

Fi offers gentle tips that work. Not the standard ‘cry it out’ methods offered by other experts (we are against that) she offered gentle tweaks to our daily routines and the way we did bedtime.

It took 4 weeks – but bear in mind we have twins. We followed Fi’s plans and tips and now they sleep 11 spometimes 12 hours a night! Incredible!

Dina (Mum of two)

The advice Fi gave really helped our son who is now a happy little boy who loves his sleep! If it wasn’t for Fi I’m not sure how we’d have coped.


Fi is most definitely how a parenting expert should be. She believes that each child and parent is different. Oscar was our second child and our first child, Zara, was a perfect sleeper from an early age. It wasn’t what we were doing that was wrong, it was that Oscar was a different child and needed different things to Zara in order to get to sleep.


Fi took a lot of time to understand Oscar’s health problems and how they would be effecting his bedtime and sleeping routine and to come up with ideas on how we could work around them.


Fi has been a godsend to us. We really were at our wits end and the change in all our lives since we finally cracked sleep has been huge.

Dawn Brown