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Nanny insurance – Do you need it?

Being a professional nanny is both challenging and rewarding, and it is a job that comes with great responsibility. Nannies are not just in charge of feeding, washing and dressing; they should also provide a safe, fun and loving environment for the child, and plan activities that help their learning and development.

In this wonderful role it is a nanny’s responsibility to ensure the child is safe at all times – but accidents can and do happen. If something were to happen to a child whilst in your care for which you can be held legally liable, a claim could be made against you. It is frightening to think what could happen.

What would you do if the child in your care had an accident and the parents decided to take legal proceedings against you? Would you be able to afford the legal costs, not to mention the compensation? I have been a professional nanny for many years, but for a long time I didn’t have insurance. It wasn’t until an accident happened at work one summer that I knew I must do something about it.

I worked for a wonderful family with two young boys, and I had been with them for almost seven years. In that time I’m releaved to say that only one trip to casualty occurred. I was devastated when the youngest child fell down some metal-edged stairs at the local supermarket and gashed his temple quite badly.

I did the first aid I had been trained to do, and we went to casualty where a nice doctor patched him up. My employer was very understanding when I called from the hospital, and she said she had been expecting a call like this one day: ”please don’t worry, but we are in A&E….”

Now, I was fortunate to work for a fair and understanding family. I hardly dare to think what could have happened if she wasn’t such a sympathetic employer. Accidents do happen, children are knocking and bumping themselves all the time and as our working days are long, the chances are that at least some of these accidents will happen while the children are in our care.

I’m pleased to say the end to my story was a happy one, the little boy often talks about the time he “flew like superman” down the steps at the shop! (He has promised to not go off flying anywhere again, and I hope he keeps his promise.)

As a professional nanny you might work alone but as a Nannyinsure policy holder you will have the comfort of knowing that you have the support of a comprehensive insurance policy, especially designed for nannies, so they will be there to support you should you ever need it.

While I know that I took pride in my work with the children I cared for, and I know that I was very safety conscious, I am also aware that anything could happen at anytime because that is the nature of the job. Children are inquisitive and energetic explorers, and this can lead to accidents.

Taking out nanny insurance isn’t going to stop you being safety smart, and it certainly won’t make you less responsible – it will simply give peace of mind so that you can get on with being the great professional nanny you are. And not only that, it also gives a strong message to your employer that you take your responsibilities seriously and this helps to further cement your working relationship.

If you’d like to know more you can get in touch with Nanny Insure here.