Summer sleeping tips!

In the glorious summer months or while on holiday, sleep can often become disrupted due to the heat or a change in routine.

A lack of sleep added to hot summer days can result in a grumpy little one and unhappy parents which isn’t a fun way to spend the summer at all!

Don’t let the summer spoil your sleep – say goodnight to sleepless nights with my top tips for happy sleep in the warmer weather!


Summer sleeping tips! 


Fan-tastic sleep!

It’s worth investing in a fan for the summer months as they can really make a difference toSummer sleep tips | baby too hot to sleep | summer bedtime routines hot, muggy bedrooms.

By circulating¬†the air in your little ones room you’re keeping them from the risk of overheating and helping them get a good nights sleep.

It’s important to note here that if you’re using a fan to be safe. Ensure it is out of your little ones reach (including wires) and that it’s not pointed directly at their cot or bed.


Baby too hot to sleep?

Hot sticky nights cause disrupted sleep for many adults who can re-adjust their bedclothes or pyjamas to get comfy! Little ones, especially babies, rely on us to keep them comfortable and cool at night, so think comfort when popping your little one down for a nap or bedtime sleep in the hot weather.

Summer sleep tips | baby too hot to sleep | summer bedtime routinesLess is best – a nappy and a light sleeping bag is perfect, or a nappy and light vest is even better.

Avoid blankets for babies and for older children move the quilt away until the cooler weather returns opting for sheets instead. My two sleep in their underwear in the summer with their (safety,lockable) windows open.


Open a safety window

If like us, you’re lucky enough to have safety windows that open a small amount and are Summer sleep tips | baby too hot to sleep | summer bedtime routineslockable – keep them open in the hot evenings.

Don’t be tempted to leave regular (non-safety) windows open if you have a little ones who can get out of bed. It’s really not worth the risk.

Instead – leave their bedroom door open, and use a fan (as mentioned above) to circulate the air in their room.


Summer bedtime routines


Routine is the magic key to a goodnight’s sleep!

In my Baby Bedtime book I mention this rather a lot because it really is the magic key to putting sleepless nights behind you!


Summer sleep tips | baby too hot to sleep | summer bedtime routinesIn the school holidays or while away on holiday, it is easy to fall out of routine, nd of course – it’s wonderful to be out of the hum-drum of daily life. However – little ones who are used to regular naps and sleep times will become unsettled and quickly fall into bad sleep habits.


Instead of ditching the routine altogether- stick to it loosely. For example – keep the naps in place on holiday even if you are by the beach! I’d recommend investing in a Snoozeshade (pictured below) or similar product that can help your little one keep their nap-time in place while in the comfort and safety of the shade in their pram.


In the evenings if you are on holiday, pop your little one into their pram for their regular bedtime, that way they are keeping their happy sleep pattern, and you can go out for dinner with them by your side happily sleeping! It’s always worked for us – even with two inSummer sleep tips | baby too hot to sleep | summer bedtime routines a double buggy snoozing away!


If the school summer holidays are leading to later bedtimes – don’t worry! The holidays are for fun times but you can still keep a routine in place. Stick to the same bedtime routine but just increase the stay-up time! My two usually go to bed at 6.30pm, but in these glorious summer evenings they’ve been playing out in the garden for longer and heading to bed at 7.30pm.


A week before the back-to-normality returns, and the routine of school comes back, start decreasing the stay-up time by 15 minutes a night, until your are back to their regular bedtime and ready and refreshed for school.


Wishing you all happy summer sleepers!