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Banana ‘ice-ice-baby’ yoghurt lollies!

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My two love ice-lollies and so we’ve spent the summer creating a few fun lollies and ice-creams that are healthier than the shop bought sugar filled treats you often see.

These banana and yoghurt ice-lollies were very easy to make and the only ‘naughtiness’ involved are the star sprinkles we added to jazz them up a little.

How to make banana and yoghurt ice-lollies:


To make one Lolly you’ll need:

Half a banana
One small pot of yoghurt
Cake sprinkles to decorate (optional)
Lolly stick

Making the lollies:

1. Stick half a banana onto a lolly stick. If it breaks don’t worry – use your hand to squish it back into shape on the stick.

2. Cover in the yoghurt, turning over in the tray to get full coverage.

3. Cover with a few sprinkles and put in the freezer.

When the yoghurt is hard, remove from the freezer and serve while singing ‘ice-ice baby’ (singing optional – but incase you’ve forgotten this piece of genius, or are much, much younger than me – watch the video below! You’re welcome!)



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