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Helen Skelton has ‘worst day of parenting life’ thanks to a tantrum!

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Helen Skelton told her instagram followers on Monday that she’d had the ‘worst day of parenting life’ after her screaming son was ‘asked to leave’ a French playgroup!

The mum of two who lives in Perpignan, France, with her rugby player husband Richie Myler, claimed she had to leave the premises after the 19-month-old failed to settle.

The TV presenter shared a picture of her son on Instagram walking into the playground and told fans she felt “sick” and “nervous” about attending, but shortly after, she shared another photo of them travelling back home saying “worst day of my parenting life. Asked to leave after 20 mins. Screamed the place down screaming his version of ‘mama let’s go!’ Constantly!”

Poor Helen! We’ve all had that ‘floor please swallow me whole’ moment when it comes to the toddler tantrum, but have you ever been asked to leave? In March last year, a mum of an upset toddler was asked to leave a store in the Trafford centre when her daughter became upset.

Lindsay Robinson was asked to leave John Lewis after trying to calm her 16-month-old daughter, Heidi. 

She told the Manchester Evening News “He said to me ‘I’m afraid we’ve had a complaint, you will have to leave’. I was shocked.

“I dropped a key ring and rucksack for Heidi that I was about to buy, and this staff member escorted us out of the store.”

The store later apologised but Lindsay said it’s unlikely she’ll return to the store. “They apologised and said the member of staff’s behaviour was out of order. They said they would send a £20 voucher as an apology. I don’t think I will be going back to that store. I am not interested in any voucher or money. My point is that when shops see a mother trying to deal with a child having a tantrum they should cut them a bit of slack. I was made to feel like a rubbish mum. It was very embarrassing. Everyone was looking at me. It is a shame because I am a loyal customer. When I got married we had a wedding list of presents from there.”

Why do toddlers tantrum? With two less than a year apart, I’ve had my fair share of double tantrums in public places. It’s often mortifying and can lead you feeling pretty dreadful.

Toddlers have tantrums for many reasons, but it’s mainly because they are not getting what they want, (right now damn it) or they are unable to make themselves understood. 

Tiredness, hunger, boredom, overstimulation, testing boundaries or simply because they wanted the pink cup not the yellow, are all contributory factors of the epic tantrum.

Your toddler is at an age where communication is still developing and this can cause them terrible frustration and upset when they can’t get what they want across to you. These years are often called the ‘terrible two’s’ but they can come much sooner, and last much longer! (They also make an appearance in the teenage years – but that’s a whole other post!)

How to cope in Public with a tantruming toddler: For my tops tips on coping with toddler explosions – read my top tips featured in my new book here. 


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