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Malteser muffins by Alison DeBuc

Makes 12 muffins…

Ingredients for the muffins:

225g plain flour

4 x 37g packets of Maltesers (12 left whole, a few sneakily nibbled, the rest crushed)

110g caster sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

Half a tsp salt

1 medium egg

142ml tub of sour cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

125g unsalted butter, melted

5 tbsp semi-skimmed milk

For the icing:

200g icing sugar (golden icing sugar if you can get it)

1 tbsp semi-skimmed milk

1 tbsp golden syrup

25g unsalted butter


  • Preheat your over to 180c (gm 4) and grease a 12 hole muffin tin (or line with muffin cases.)

  • Sift the flour into a large bowl and add the crushed maltesers, sugar, baking powder and salt.

  • In a separate bowl beat together the egg, sour cream, vanilla extract, melted butter and milk.

  • Then mix the wet ingredients with the dry until just combined.

  • Divide the mix among the tins and bake for 15-20 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean.

  • Cool for five minutes, then remove from tin and cool on a wire rack.

  • Beat all the icing ingredients until smooth, ice each muffin and decorate with a malteser.

  • Lick bowl 🙂

Ah, it feels good to share this recipe, it really is bloomin’ brilliant!